Valentine's Day in Europeum

Valentine's Day in Europeum

01 of January 2020

What do you think Valentine's Day is?

Is this a holiday that should be carefully celebrated, or is it however unnecessary and overrated?

Where did Valentine come from? In Poland, they are celebrated relatively soon, since the 1990s, while this holiday has been known since the time of the Roman Empire. In those days, Lovers' Day was entrusted to fate, which was to choose the chosen one or the chosen one's heart. The girls threw notes with their names into a can from which the bachelors would draw their other half.

Contrary to the generally accepted hypothesis, the promotion of Valentine's Day is attributed to the British, not to the Americans. It is on the Islands in mid-February that the birds join in pairs. This extraordinary phenomenon was described by the poet Sir Walter Scott and he spread the opinion that then also people, imitating animals, make love relationships.

Another application tells about priest Valentine, who was an advocate of love and secretly gave weddings, for which he died a martyr's death. This event dates back to February 14.

History mentions eight Valentine, who could have been the prototype of our today's patron Saint's Day. Which of the following stories is the most likely? Let us recognize that there is a grain of truth in each, as in legends.

Although we do not know the exact origin of St. Valentine's Day, it has become a very popular and celebrated holiday. Couples choose this day to go together for a long-awaited date and this is a great opportunity for them to spend a moment only in their company.

Not only men come up with the script for February 14. Increasingly, we observe reservations made by women, and in conversations with them we hear that there has been a clear division: one year planning falls to a man, the next year - to a woman. We think this is a great idea, because it's nice to be surprised by your partner sometimes.

For years, records of hotel rooms and restaurant tables have been breaking popularity. This is the evening where we can get out of home, forget about household and work responsibilities and spend time together. We are convinced that this one day a year can strongly cement the relationship and should not be denied, but take the opportunity and bring a lot of joy to a loved one.

We cordially invite you to spend Valentine's Day at the Europeum Hotel, reservations have already been opened!

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