Childhood, where are you?

Childhood, where are you?

01 of June 2020

Who doesn't miss the times when you had to take a nap in the middle of the day (by the way, funny that it was like punishment and now like salvation)? When we helped Grandma make dumplings, and made DIY with Dad, assembling furniture from Ikea, or holding a flashlight when he was repairing something in the car engine. When the most important decision we have to make is whether we want to eat strawberry or chocolate ice cream.

Decisions are generally divided into several groups. Crucial, for example: with whom we want to get married, or adopt a pet from a shelter, where to put a house and plant a tree. Trivial: regarding socks or the type of tea that we currently want to drink. Someone's: when mom decides to send you to ballet, not karate, and ours: for example, when we decide whether we care about the opinion of others or follow our own path in life. They are of course also mixed.



That kind of decision is the choice of life path. We are not able to fully understand whether it is Mum's, Dad's, our or accident decision. One thing is certain - it is not trivial. We are well aware of this, that's why we support the youngest passions with all our heart! How? Do you know that in our rooms, in the corridors, at the reception, in the restaurant you will find works of art? And now, next to the works of artists such as Cristiana Santos, Piotr Micek, Anna Wierdak, Daria Wartalska and Marcin Litwa, works by our youngest guests will hang in the family room. We dedicate this place to them, and we have our fingers crossed that in a few or several years we will be able to visit their exhibitions, being proud that the first one was in our hotel!



So, when you are going for a weekend in Wroclaw, remember that in the hotel at the very center of town you will find an absolutely unique and magical room, thanks to which you will finally learn what sits in the young heads and hearts.

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