We create interiors that will hug you

We create interiors that will hug you

03 of July 2020

"The biggest advantage of the hotel is that it is an escape from home life (George Bernard Shaw)"

In some ways this is true. We choose hotels so that we do not have to get up earlier and prepare breakfast for ourselves and children, vacuum, make beds, laundry, and iron. We leave so as not to see our neighbor from five floor for a few days with his too loud (for its size) dog and not stand in the que in the supermarket for half an hour.

Leaving home, we leave all of everyday and unusual problems right there, and our head and legs suddenly become light and can take up to twenty thousand steps a day. We leave to finally sleep as long we can, eat things that eaten every day causes remorse, letting us take care of you. And here our, Hoteliers, role begins. Our mission and calling are to look after you at this time, "see everything without looking, hear everything without listening. To be serviceable but not servil. Guessing wishes without being indiscreet (a fragment of the rules of Ritz-Carlton Hotel employees) "

Now we even go beyond these rules - we create interiors that will hug you, wrap you, and make you focus only on yourself and your needs. And you will fall asleep so much that you will not want to get up.


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