Piotr Micek. To notice the unit in its entirety.

Piotr Micek. To notice the unit in its entirety.

15 of October 2020

Like his mosaics, Peter's life consists of many complementary elements.

His work is split between three cities. In Wałbrzych, he is the director of the BWA Art Gallery and the manager of the Center for Unique Ceramics. He created an artistic cooperation between these institutions and the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, where he graduated from the ceramics and glass faculty. His personal workshop is located in his hometown of Kamienna Góra.
He creates his paintings through a composition of multiplied elements that lead the eyesight from the whole to the detail. “It's important to me that I can read these images as
whole, while recognizing the value of the individual, ”explains Piotr. You can see it for yourself by admiring his works that hang in our rooms. Look carefully, Piotr also creates applied art, for example mirrors.
"The main medium of my artistic activities is ceramics, which gives a wide range of creative possibilities, and the only limitation is my imagination. In my work I try to go beyond the norms of creating unique ceramics, and the essential part of my compositions is duplication. I create ceramic images created on the basis of repetition and selection. the right pattern, the right combinations of ceramic elements.
Often, my decors become a kind of experimental laboratory - it is an attempt to predict the chemical reactions between the glazes during the firing of ceramics. My paintings are a collection of individual, small elements with unique color effects - the work can be read as a whole, while recognizing the value of the individual. I enrich my design work with functional elements. I create lamps and mirrors from various types of materials - ceramics, wire and glass with the idea of creative interior decoration, searching for new forms and possibilities of arranging space."
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