We wish you the best Andrew!

We wish you the best Andrew!

30 of November 2020

St. Andrew's weekend was exceptionally quiet and peaceful. We could not invite you to a great fun in Wrocław, to our Brasserie 27 restaurant, bustling clubs and cafes on the Wrocław Market Square, to St. Andrew's concert at the National Forum of Music, or a performance at the Polish Theater. We can still only accept guests on business trips, medics and sportsmen.

In spite of all, we want to emphasize the tradition celebrated on Andrew's name day. It used to be a festival addressed mainly to young ladies, and later bachelors also joined them (the gentlemen celebrated a similar holiday - Catherine's, on November 4). Most divinations were to predict an imminent marriage, but over time they were adapted to each age and marital status.

St. Andrew's Day are otherwise known as Shrovetide because it is the last opportunity to have fun before the beginning of Advent. Today, when we cannot celebrate St. Andrew's Day, we have several fortune-telling suggestions to be prepared at home.

Wax pouring

For divination you will need:

  • candles,
  • an old key with a hole (if you don't have one, you can always cut it out of paper),
  • a bowl of water.

Light up the candles and wait for the wax to melt, then pour it through the keyhole into a vessel with cold water. When the wax has hardened, we take out and read the symbol representing our forecast for the next year. It may be easier for us to cast a shadow of a wax structure on the wall.

A shoe race

To play you will need:

  • participants' shoes

The original version of the game was only for girls. They foretold which of them would get married first. Today, depending on the participants of the game, the subject of fortune-telling may be offspring, a new car, a change of work, etc. From the designated place in the room, place the shoes one by one and rearrange them so that the last shoe takes place before the first until one of them crosses the threshold. The owner of the shoe will be the first among the participants to marry / buy a car / change job, etc.

Cups / mugs

For divination you will need:

  • 5 x cup / mug,
  • ring,
  • coin
  • a toy car
  • sugar cube

Each of the above-mentioned items is placed under a separate cup (one is left empty) and we mix them so that the person for whom we are divining does not know where the item is. Then the draw takes place and depending on the cup selected, the symbols mean:

  • Coin - wealth,
  • Ring - wedding.
  • Toy car - journey,
  • Sugar cube - happy, prosperous life,
  • Empty cup - nothing will change in the coming year

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