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Get to know with us the Legends of Wrocław

Do you know that Wrocław can boast of its own dragon? And that the White Lady also hunts us?

While Visiting our city, you can learn many interesting things. And why not surprise your loved ones with unusual knowledge about Wroclaw?

Here are some legends that will make walking around the city more pleasant and will become an incentive to discover new places.



Do you know that Wrocław can boast of its own dragon? Until now, most people hearing the word dragon immediately pointed to Krakow. As it turns out, also here, in the eastern forests of Wroclaw lived a dragon that sowed huge fear in all the inhabitants of this city. In the forest where he lived, there was a miraculous spring, the water of which added enormous vital powers and healed all the wounds. The person who drank the spring water felt literally like a “new born”. People, however, did not have access to water, because Strachota the dragon kept a close eye on it. He also kidnapped cattle and sometimes took hostage the villagers daughters. One time, however, there was a brave boy who managed to drink water from the spring, and then horribly beat up Strachota. The dragon was so frightened by the brave warrior that he hid himself in the forest at his furthest end where he ate poisoned mushrooms and died shortly thereafter. The villagers from now on could enjoy freedom and peace. At the place where the forest grew, the Strachocińskie Housing Estate was established today. Legends say, however, that those who look closely in the forest can find the magical spring that can still give strength.



Wrocław is one of those cities in which White Lady also hunts. She has been wandering around today’s University of Wrocław for hundreds of years. You may be surprised, but in the old days there was a House of Piast castle here. It was inhabited by a castellan who severely tortured all prisoners. The beloved daughter of the castellan – Elisabeth also did not escape the punishment. The castellan made special chest, whose doors and walls were lined with sharp spikes. These spikes tightened making a terrible pain to those locked in the chest. One time Elizabeth’s beloved one was captured by her father and she desperately wanted to save him by rescuing him at night. Her father, however, woke up during the escape and struggled with his only beloved daughter near the chest, the effect of which was the death of a castellan inside the box full of spikes. Unfortunately, before the castellan left this world, he managed to curse his unfaithful daughter. From then on, Elżbieta wanders around the university at night, reminding all students about her fate and the fate of her beloved.



There is a legend about a rich goldsmith, Franciszek, who had a beautiful daughter. He wanted to make her richly married. However, his daughter, Barbara, fell in love with reciprocity in his apprentice named Henryk. This boy, unfortunately, did not belong to the rich, so they hid their love. Their secret did not last long. The goldsmith found out about it which made him very angry and as a result he banished Henryk from Wrocław. Apprentice promised he would come back when he will be rich. However, he did not find a job and became an outlaw. After a few years, he collected the right amount of money and returned to Wroclaw, to ask for Barbara’s hand. The goldsmith, however, learned somehow about his secret and banished him from the city again. The apprentice could not leave it like that, so he decided to burn Franciszek’s house. He watched the whole thing from the tower of the cathedral, which unfortunately imprisoned him. Her walls closed around his neck and swallowed his body, and his petrified face protrudes from the tower to this day.



A long time ago a peaceful family lived – Agnieszka and Konrad. Agnieszka cooked delicious dumplings. Konrad made dishes and later sold them on the market. One day Agnieszka got seriously ill. After a few days of trying to save her she died. Still grieving Konrad went hungry for days because he could not cook. The neighbors always cooked a little more and offered it to Konrad, but it did not taste as good. One day, on his way home very hungry Konrad fell asleep at the gate . He dreamed of Agnieszka, who in a dream gave him a bowl of dumplings. She made him a condition. Every day in the bowl he would leave one dumpling, and the next day the bowl would be full again. Konrad suddenly woke up, feeling that he dreamed a strange dream, but he looked, and there was a bowl. Konrad quickly began to eat. He left one of the largest dumplings at the bottom of the bowl. He thought that this dumpling was definitely the best, so he should eat it. He took the dumpling, but it escaped. He caught it again, but it escaped him again. He grabbed the dumpling, but it fell again, this time at the gate. He began to climb, and when he came to the top of the gate, the dumpling fossilized. Konrad went down, took the bowl and went home. The next day he looked and the bowl was empty. And so from now on, the stone dumpling lies on one of the Wroclaw gates near the Cathedral.


These legends and more can be read in our special guidebook, which guests will find in each of the rooms.

Thus, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our special offers.


Agnieszka Karcz