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Unobvious places of Wrocław

What comes to your mind when thinking about Wrocław? Zoo? Market Square? Or maybe Ostrów Tumski? Everyone knows these and many other places characteristic of the city. Wroclaw is not only the flagship attractions, but also … well what?

Below you will find a list of interesting places worth seeing during your visit to Wroclaw.



Colorful fish, blue oceans, paradise garden, dogs and cats, dinosaurs, own poems and portraits, beloved football team – there was a place for everything on a 250-meter painting that stood on the backyard of the tenements surrounding the Center of Cultural Animation at Roosevelt’s Steet – Nadodrze.

In painting “non-mural”, because a work covering over 1,200 square meters is a combination of painting, sculpture and ceramics, all residents were involved – from the youngest, through young ones, Roma minority, football fans of Śląsk Wrocław, to seniors.


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This is the most bright yard in Wroclaw, which is illuminated by 22 neon lights that in this place regain their second life. Over the past 10 years, Neon Side has saved nearly 60 historic neon signs from Wrocław and Lower Silesia.

Neon lights can be admired every day, but we recommend watching them after dark.


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The Penitentiary Bridge or Witches Bridge is a footbridge that connects two towers in the cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene. The bridge is located at a height of 45 meters. To enter this vantage point, go to ul. Szewska, which is located near the market square. The fee for entering the Witches Bridge is symbolic and is entirely dedicated to the renovation and maintenance of the cathedral.




“Train to the sky” by Andrzej Jarodzki is a sculpture which was built by using a locomotive from the resources of PKP in Wroclaw, stored on the siding of the Industrial and Railway Museum in Silesia in Jaworzyna Śląska, and a fragment of the tracks.


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The two-meter figure of the girl in a dress, inspired by the globe, symbolizes the unity of the world, despite its religious and cultural differences. The sculpture stands on the square at the entrance to the District of Four Temples (Four Denominations). It is part of the center of Wroclaw, where there are temples of evangelicals, Orthodox, Catholics and followers of Judaism. The District of Four Temples is a place of many religious, cultural and social events, the aim of which is, among others promoting tolerance.


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The revolutionary design of Jacek Burzyński and Andrzej Skorupa – an architectural and construction tandem from Wrocław, assumed the construction of a high-rise building supported by ropes. It is said to this day that it is a construction built from the top. The point here is that first a spine was erected, inside of which today is a staircase and elevators. Then from the highest to the lowest, subsequent floors appeared, held by ropes.



Only a few know that in the heart of Wroclaw, in Ostrów Tumski, just behind the Pontifical Faculty of Theology, there is a garden that is ideal for a walk and rest after a hard, busy day.

Because it is hidden, it is a place only for the chosen and inquisitive. Those who want to cut off from the crowds of the main pedestrian street and fully devote themselves to the climate of Ostrów Tumski.

The garden is open from 10:00 to 19:00 and is available to all visitors. At night, the garden gates are closed. There is a lot of greenery with which the fountain is beautifully composed, a small pergola with a stone table, a statue of St. Maria Magdalena and the Garden Cafe. The whole makes a pleasant impression, mainly because there is no urban noise. The garden is consistent with the whole of Ostrów Tumski, because here we can also see the lanterns that are characteristic of this area of the city.

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These and other unobvious places are described in our special guidebook, which guests will find in each of the rooms.

Thus, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our special offers.

Agnieszka Karcz