COVID-19: Europeum Code of Practice

COVID-19: Europeum Code of Practice

19 of May 2020

Dear guests, dear friends!

We are happy to inform you that our door is open again! We look forward to seeing you again when we can meet us in Wroclaw and Europe.

We care about you, which is why we present our code of practice, which we have introduced to ensure our common security with the greatest care. We have been known for many years for the importance we attach to cleanliness, hygiene and safety principles. And this time, so that you can be sure that we are well prepared for your return, we have carefully developed additional procedures so that we can all stay healthy and calm.

Below you will read about additional procedures for taking care of cleanliness and order, methods of cleaning, disinfection developed by us and safety measures recommended by sanitary services:


  1. Only guests checking in / out of the hotel may stay at the reception counter (max. 2 people).
  2. The hotel employee is obliged to check the body temperature using a non-contact thermometer. The temperature will be checked each time you enter the facility. If the temperature exceeds 38 ° C, you should go with a hotel employee to the first floor to a specially separated room, where after 10 minutes. the temperature will be measured again. If the temperature does not drop, you will be asked to contact the sanitary and epidemiological station, which will collect your interview and provide instructions on how to proceed.
  3. Before approaching the reception counter, each guest is required to disinfect their hands with liquid provided by the hotel.
  4. Preferred method of payment for services - card.
  5. If you would like to receive an invoice, please send your company details by e-mail to: or send them at check-in and collect the invoice at departure, in order to reduce the waiting time at the reception.
  6. Protective masks can be purchased at the reception.


  1. A maximum of 16 guests can stay in the restaurant room.
  2. In the absence of space in the restaurant, it is possible to order breakfast in the room - settlement only by card.
  3. Restaurant opening hours: 7: 00-10: 30


  1. In accordance with the GIS guidelines, until further notice, the use of hotel blower dryers in room bathrooms is prohibited.
  2. Additional equipment, e.g. needle bar, cleaner, clothes brush and shoe spoon are issued free of charge at your request at the hotel reception.


  1. Only registered guests can stay at the hotel.
  2. All handrails and door handles in the common areas and elevator buttons are disinfected every hour.
  3. Antiseptic fluids are located on each floor by the elevator.
  4. You can book a sauna and / or gym exclusively - the rooms are thoroughly disinfected.
  5. In common areas you should move in face masks and keep a safe distance from other travelers (excluding families) until the government order is revoked.

In addition, we monitor the sanitary and epidemiological situation as well as recommendations and guidelines recommended by the services that carry out tasks related to public health. We will update the Code when necessary.

We also encourage you to follow our profile on Facebook, where you will always find the latest information on the operation of our hotel and about any changes. See you soon!

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