We are all women today

We are all women today

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08 of March 2021

There are people in this world who are undisputed masters in choosing and giving gifts. As if they were reading our minds that aren't even there yet! How do they do it? There are two options: either after watching a famous movie, they started sneaking into our dreams, or they just close their eyes and step into our proverbial shoes for a moment. Seemingly simple, nothing like that, but imagine now getting into a woman's shoes and wanting to buy her a gift for Women's Day.

dzień kobiet w hotelu Europeum

A woman, mean... who exactly?

Wear a woman's shoes - means whose shoes? Wives? Friend? Daughters? Mothers? Colleagues? Are they all at once? When Marcelina gets up in the morning, she sets coffee for her husband, makes sandwiches for her children, and prepares a briefcase with papers for work. During the lunch break, she listens to the story about Aneta's unpopular mother-in-law, between one bite and the next, she gets a message from the Boss that the meeting is postponed to in 2 minutes. She picks up the kids from school, buys shopping, gives her mother medicines, and walks her dog, helps with homework, sets the laundry, cooks dinner. The modern world poses many challenges for Marcelina and other women. They have to find themselves in many roles at once, find a balance between them without losing their sense of self. It's like walking on a thin line at height - it requires a lot of concentration and peace, and above all inner strength. So if you want to wear women's shoes, for the sake of a gift, you have to really think about which, when and how.

historia dnia kobiet

Women's Day - what is it all about?

Hardly, anyone knows that it all began in ancient Rome with Matronalia, that is, the holiday of married women celebrated on March 1. on that day they were presented with gifts, and they themselves held feasts for their slaves. The history of this holiday also includes numerous protests by American women in the years 1908-1911. They demanded equality, political and economic rights. The protesters included mainly workers from factories and companies in which exploitation was prevalent. In order to commemorate the victims in the struggle for women's emancipation, the First National Women's Day was held there on February 28, 1909.

sauna w hotelu Europeum

Today, Women's Day has a rather symbolic overtone, it is to remind them of their inner beauty, strength, and that they should finally sit down for a moment and take care of their well-being, physical and mental condition. Take a break and focus on themself. Maybe a visit to a beautician or a SPA? Or maybe a short weekend trip with friends, for example to Wrocław?

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We wish you courage in expressing yourself, perseverance in fighting for your dreams, and unforgettable journeys: with your family or friends! 

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