How to organize a successful conference? Step by step guide

How to organize a successful conference? Step by step guide

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16 of March 2023

Organizing a conference is a task for which you should be properly prepared - it requires taking into account many elements and factors and combining them into a coherent whole. Conferences can cover various topics, therefore they gather participants who have different expectations. So where to start organizing a conference and how to go through this process step by step?

Organization of a conference - where to start? 

Organizing a conference is primarily about creating a good plan and efficient implementation of its subsequent stages. However, already at the initial stage, it is necessary to prepare for the occurrence of unforeseen situations that may disrupt the assumed schedule and to develop alternative scenarios well in advance.

First of all, it is necessary to select the date of the event, prepare the substantive layer and plan appropriate communication that will allow you to inform people potentially interested in the event. When we determine the action plan and substantive issues, we need to find a space where the event will take place. We have many facilities offering conference rooms at our disposal - university campuses, hotels or conference centers - so when choosing the perfect place, we should primarily consider the subject of the event and the needs of the speaker and the target group.

Organizing a conference step by step

Below we present how to organize a conference step by step to remember about all the most important aspects of the implementation of such a project and avoid unnecessary stress.

Step 1: Choose a conference venue

The space where the conference will be held is of great importance - and convenient access will play one of the main roles here. In this context, we should take care of both the convenience of reaching the place where we organize the event, and the ease of finding the facility itself. Another aspect that is worth paying attention to are the attractions that are located near the facility - preferably within a short walk. When organizing a multi-day meeting, we should provide participants with the opportunity to spend their free time in a pleasant and active way.

Step 2: Take care of accommodation for conference participants

In the case of events longer than one day, it is worth looking for a place that provides accommodation at the conference site - it is definitely a better solution than booking rooms in a distant facility. Remember that conference participants often have suitcases with them, so accommodation on site will be a great help. Thanks to this, guests will be able to check in and leave their luggage efficiently, as well as refresh and rest before speaking.

Step 3: Select a meeting room

The next step is to choose the conference room itself. At this stage, it is necessary to take into account, above all, the size of the group and the type and nature of the event. If we are organizing a large conference, we need a room in which we can arrange chairs and tables freely, ensuring optimal comfort and space for each participant. On the other hand, for smaller groups, it is better to choose smaller rooms - the conference will not look less frequented, and the atmosphere will be much more intimate.

An important aspect when organizing a conference is also the possibility of free arrangement of the room - for some events it may be necessary to arrange the chairs differently, for example in the shape of a horseshoe. Before making a decision, it is also worth checking whether the rooms are air-conditioned. This is especially important in the summer months and with larger groups, where after a few hours of speeches it is good to replace or slightly cool the air.

Step 4: Check the conference room equipment

The next step is to determine whether the selected facility and the conference room have the necessary technical equipment. You need to think carefully about how the lectures will be conducted and what facilities you will need. Today, most conference venues are equipped with appropriate equipment, including projectors and presentation computers. Flipcharts and markers are also a standard - necessary, for example, for creative meetings.

One of the most important issues that we cannot overlook is also constant access to the Internet for all users and a convenient number of charging points for telephones or other electronic devices.

Step 5: Prepare the conference schedule

Although mentioned last, scheduling the event is as important as the other stages of organizing the conference. An inseparable element of the plan should be coffee breaks, during which participants will be able to rest and establish new, not only business, relationships. This is of particular importance in the post-pandemic period, when conferences and their organization have moved to the online world.

If you have a sufficient budget, it is worth including a longer lunch break in the conference schedule. In such a situation, let us pay attention to the possibility of providing participants with a hot meal already during the selection of the facility.

How to organize a conference? Take advantage of our experience!

Organizing a conference does not have to be a stressful challenge. Thanks to our advice, it will become a well-planned process in which we will not miss any key issue and detail important for the success of the project. Most importantly, however, we do not have to think about how to organize a conference and act on our own - when deciding to organize a conference in a hotel, we can count on the support of an experienced partner.

Hotel Europeum offers conference rooms in Wrocław, which can be arranged in any way, and also own catering. The hotel is located in the very center of Wrocław, so it can be easily reached both by car and public transport. In addition, the proximity of the Wrocław Market Square means that guests can freely use the attractions and services offered by the city during their free time.

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